Mobile Strike Hack For Getting Resources

Things To Know About Hacks For Mobile Strike Game

Smartphones are the basic necessity of everyone. From using it for office work to playing the game, everyone loves it. Games are the most popular thing used in a Smartphone. Mobile Strike is one of the most famous Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game. If you love to play strategy games and love to build your own army and having war. You have to build your own base and defend it with your own army. There are two parts of this game. You have to build your own base and go out to kill enemies base. This is a war based strategy game. You can download it in free but you can buy in-app products which are from 65 to 26000 INR. After downloading this game you have to build your base. Instant of playing blindly you can have tips which can help you.

Tips And Tricks:

  • To build a powerful base, start building resources. The most important resource is food. The most common issue with others is that they have many farm plots but no food for army. Having good supplies of food can let you have a big army. You must have to dedicate for one plot from all of twenty five resources. If you have other members in your team than they can work for your food bank. If someone has zeroes your base then this can help you building it back.
  • Second thing to keep in mind if you don’t want to purchase any gold from your money then Gold mine is the easiest way to earn free gold and if you can spend money on buying in build products then you can purchase it on your money or you can try mobile strike hack apk.
  • While playing this game when you are on your base, in lower left corner of your screen there will be blue button supply crate. Tap on this crate whenever it starts moving. This Crate will provide you free reward to easily completing game. More number of crates you will open the more rewards for your potential you will get. Don’t ignore this if you are willing to complete this game. You can’t open crate if there is a timer for it. You will get five hundred gold coins for creating an epic war account.
  • After building your resources, decide the playing style with your army and now you can start to building other sources like after building farms and gold mines start building resources evenly, Troop specialization

Reviews And Rating:

Mobile Strike is available on both platform IOS and Android. This Game is rated 3.9 stars on Google Play Store but 2 Star on apple app store. There are a number of reviews for having the best game. This Game is about to have 1 million downloads. If you are willing to play this game then your must have android version 4.0.3 or up. And for playing in apple it requires IOS 8 or later.

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